Law Firms:  Have You Gone “Native” With Your Advertising?

As traditional news outlets try to make the new world of online content and social media work in their favor from a paid advertising standpoint, native advertising emerges as a good fit for law firms.

What is native advertising?  Something kind of like the old advertorial, but better.  The content has the look and feel of the publication and the message is not a sales pitch.  Generally speaking, it is an article that subtly lets the reader connect the dots about your services without coming right out and saying that you can solve their problems.  It is more like an article about a client or a situation that required the skills or advice you provide and a positive outcome resulted.  Maybe think of it as a case study.   Left is a good example from the Atlantic.  Notice the main article on Scientology.  It’s not really an article.  It is sponsored content.

Many publications, such as Forbes, who paved the way for native advertising, offer resources to help you get the article written and may even throw in some graphic design or photography.  It certainly blurs the line between editorial and adverting, but the publications offering it seems to have wrestled this ethical dilemma to the ground.  They’ll sell you the space and help you fill it with content that looks like it is part of their publication.

So, why would you want to do this?  For one, almost 60% more readers view these types of advertisements than banner ads.  Banner ads have become part of the wallpaper for many readers.  Twenty-five percent more readers remember native ads over banner ads.  Additionally, 32% of native ad readers say they will share what they have read with friends and family.  This can get your information out on other social media channels with a subtle endorsement from the person sharing the information. 

Might be time to “go native” with your next advertising buy.