Content Management Package

Developing content and keeping your website current with relevant information for your target audience is critical to your success.  If you are finding it difficult to constantly produce content, distribute it, link it to social media, and post it on your website, this service will solve that problem for you. 

How this works

Each month we will have a 30-minute strategy conference to discuss a topic that is relevant for you that month.  From this call, you will get the following:

  • Content that can be used for client alerts, website updates, blog posts, social media and other media alignment such as banner ads or NPR radio spots.
  • A content strategy roadmap outlining when and where the content will be placed.
  • Content posted to your website, blog, and social media or other specified platforms.
  • A review of your website statistics to evaluate metatags, page names, and other content refreshes necessary to keep your site current.
  • Recommendations based upon open rates, clicks, website traffic and other metrics that may indicate additional strategies needed.

This service is available for a monthly fee of $1695 to $2095 based upon frequency of content provided.